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Hologram stickers


Hologram stickers

Below we present the latest technology achievements in the field of holographic printing. Holographic stickers can be used to protect all kinds of items.

We offer you full color holograms with any print. The hologram is secured in the form of any protrusion so that the hologram is one of a kind and cannot be forged.

All the holograms we offer can be delivered in any shape, format.


on water

Atmospheric conditions

range of temperature resistance -20 - 140 degrees Celsius

on a tear


Possibility of applying strong adhesive enabling sticking to hologroam sticker to the wall, concrete type

The composition is done on sheets, on rolls or cut out separately, depending on the client's needs, we adapt the composition of the holograms to the client's needs.

The duration of such a hologram is only a few days. We offer you the option of a sample print before placing the entire order. Thanks to this solution, you can check the quality, durability and aesthetic values of the hologram.

We invite you to use our services. For valuation, please provide the size and quantity of the hologram to be ordered. It is good to state on what surface it is to be made on gold or silver. If there is any other request regarding the color of the surface, please include such information in the inquiry.

We try to respond within 15 minutes

Here you can see live patterns of holorgams.

Gold: https://youtu.be/ZysxfxxZTWY

Silver: https://youtu.be/NjpuLrN4i-4


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