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Everything about any shape and in any quantity. We produce different types of labels both on self adhesive films as well as on self-adhesive paper. We work with large customers, aligning expenditures to their expectations. On our website you can find any kind of labels we produce. Stickers are made by cutting or printing. You can combine both methods. We deliver in sheets, rolls or cut individually. The size and shape of the stickers are always set at the beginning. All according to the wishes and needs of the customer. The materials we used for the manufacture adapt to time and exposure conditions stickers. We offer short-term material designed for rapid promotion, medium and long term. Regarding the latter material is used in a case where the application of labels is more than 3 or even 5 years. Made stickers regardless of the effort at a later stage of production varnish. Any sticker multicolored specifically intended to transport liquid laminate secure. This prevents fading, scratching, scratching or abrasion.

NEW! Varnish point (selective) stickers from 1 piece, printing Braille, packaging prototypes from 1 pc.

A customer who ordered a larger effort stickers can count on free samples for approval. All clients we offer a meeting to determine, for example, color film which will do the sticker. We also offer puffy stickers flooded with resin. We produce them in any print run and shapes. We have a digital printing presses and machine offsets, so that we are able to print all kinds of stickers, on the chosen material. The term of the contract lasts from 4 to 10 days. The greater the number of stickers the waiting time longer. We also express orders. It takes one day. Moreover, we are the professional installation of all kinds of sticker on any surface.



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